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Greenville Crew -422 squadron
Back Row: Applegate, gunner; Bane, navigator Guidotti, co-pilot; Madaj, radio operator
Front Row: Leong, ballturret; Greenville, pilot; Noll, tail gunner; Daydodge, engineer

422nd Squadron moving to take off

Guidotti, Greenville, Bane

Noll, Guidotti, Bane wearing the ďred baseball capĒ

Cologne Germany 1945

A Southern German city being bombed

City block of a German city that had been fire bombed

ID tags given to air crews flying near Russian front lines

Navigatorís radio compass

Navigatorís hand held computer

view from the nose showing the bombardierís position

Bane sitting at the Navigatorís table in the nose

Bane in front of a B-17G (2004)

B-17G landing