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The Navigator, in a B-17 heavy bomber, rides in the nose of the aircraft. Thus, almost all outside events are seen (viewed) by the navigator “from the nose”.


For many years, my daughter Norell Mounger has asked me to reminisce of events that happened during my wartime military career in the 422nd Squadron of the 305th Bomb Group. I have, heretofore, refused to do this for several reasons. First, I did not want to seem to be enlarging my own ego. Second, my memory is so bad that any facts or occurrences that I give could not be given any historical values, such as date, time and specific location. This writing is taking place some fifty- odd years after they happened. Third, there has been enough written of the horrors of war.

After reviewing these matters for a long time, I decided that I could write a report of my military career and not emphasize the bad things that happened. In no event should this report be considered as an attempt to exhibit any bravery on my part. To tell the truth, I was scared to death! Flying in an aluminum can full of high explosives with thousands of gallons of high-octane gasoline, encountering dangerous conditions, suffering horrible weather, and being shot at, is not my idea of a fun trip! Anyone, who has experienced these situations, and claims that they are not scary, is either a lunatic or a liar.

Therefore, for anyone who might be interested in reading this report, please be advised that it may not be historically correct. I hope that it will be found to be interesting, entertaining and in some instances, humorous!