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Table of Contents

Title & author's email


Curtain Up

Ardmore Army Air Base

Lincoln Air Base, Lincoln Nebraska

Crenier, New Hampshire & jump-off to Iceland

I Go to War

Clothing, Equipment & Misc. Supplies for Combat

My First Bombing Mission

Lost & Found

You Never Know What You're Going To See #1

You Never Know What You're Going To See #2

The Biggest Air Battle

Now For Something Entirely Different

Unsung Heroes

Lucky Number 7

My London Experience

Beauty & the Beast

Gas Pains

Come to Berlin

Say What?

He Wore A Red Baseball Hat

Notables of Note

Freight Train Blues

My Last Raid

Belgium & Beyond

Two Brussels Stories

Bad Landing in Belgium

Travels to & From Africa & Elsewhere

Privileges of Being a Flyer & Strange Things

Haute Cuisine

Tourist Tours

On To Lechfeld

Dachau, including photos

Going Home

Reserve Duty

More pictures